Wrong-Way Driving and Auto Accidents in Tennessee

By on 1-15-2015 in Car Accidents

It’s a no-brainer. Drive down an interstate highway going the wrong way and you are sure to get into an accident, and a serious one at that. But why drive the wrong way in the first place? Emergency? Alien abduction? It could be anything, but unfortunately in most cases it is because the driver was impaired.

This was the case of a woman who chose to drive her Escalade the wrong way on Interstate 65 in Nashville, Tennessee. The inevitable happened, leaving one man in a Corvette dead and a woman passenger seriously injured. According to Tennessee car accident attorneys on the Schuler, Halvorson, Weisser, Zoeller & Overbeck, P.A. website these types of accidents typically have long-reaching consequences. Aside from the physical, emotional and psychological trauma, serious car accidents can result in huge financial problems that few people can handle without assistance.

In the case above, the woman driver admitted she was intoxicated, and this opens her up not only to criminal charges but also civil liabilities. The demise of the Corvette driver could be considered a wrongful death because the woman acted in a negligent and reckless fashion which was the proximate cause of the death as well as the serious injury.

Survivors of the deceased may rightfully retain the services of a wrongful death lawyer to file a suit against the woman driver. The injured passenger may also feel the need to sue the then-inebriated driver to get compensation for medical and other expenses resulting from the accident.

If you are now in a similar situation as a victim, you know how bad it can get. Consult with a competent personal injury lawyer in Tennessee to get compensation for the harm a negligent car accident has caused you.

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