The Truth about Slip-and-Fall Injuries

By on 11-08-2014 in Personal Injury

There is often something in the news about someone who slipped and fell on an icy patch in front of an establishment winning spectacular amounts of money in a personal injury lawsuit. The fact of the matter is, establishing fault let alone negligence in a slip-and-fall case is not at all easy.

There are two concepts essential in premises liability cases that may seem simple enough in everyday use but can involve quite a bit of legal complexity. One is reasonableness, and the other is foreseeability. The first concept pertains to the injured party while the second one to the premises owner.

People have a right to expect to be relatively safe when they go about their daily lives, but with right comes the responsibility to take “reasonable” care to avoid harm or injury. For example, if a woman wears high heels even though she knows the sidewalk is icy and slippery, she cannot blame anybody for falling down and breaking her leg. On the other hand, a premises owner had or should have foreseen that anyone even in appropriate footwear could be injured when passing the sidewalk fronting his store, but did not take steps to make the sidewalk less slippery or at least post a warning he or she could be held liable for injuries to passersby.

Before considering a lawsuit for a serious slip-and-fall injury, the potential plaintiff is encouraged to consult with a reputable personal injury lawyer to find out if it does indeed involve negligence of the premises owner. The consequences of such an injury can be life-changing, but without competent legal representation you will have little chance of making any headway in your claim.

Most personal injury lawyers offer free initial consultation, so take that opportunity to get your case assessed. It is important that you take that first step which can change the rest of your life.

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