What Makes Motorcycles more Dangerous than Cars

By on 8-05-2016 in Motorcycle Accidents

The dangers associated with riding a motorcycle include, first, a motorcycle’s lack of the standard safety features that other motor vehicles are equipped with and, second, its greater sensitivity to road conditions.

Compared to a car, a motorcycle does not have an air bag, a seat belt and a protective outer frame. The DOT-approved helmet, which so many riders continue to fail to wear, is actually the only real protection that riders have. This helmet can be the only thing that may save them from a head injury, the most common cause of death and disability in motorcycle accidents. Moreover, compared to cars, a motorcycle is more easily affected by uneven road surfaces, areas of low traction and obstacles in the street. The slightest road problem can cause a motorcycle rider to lose control and crash.

In 2013, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recorded 88,000 motorcycle crashes which resulted to injuries and another 4,986 accidents, all of which were fatal. While many motorcycle accidents are due to the rider crashing into a fixed object, such as a concrete barrier or a lamp post, many more involve another vehicle, like a car, especially one that is making a turn with the driver failing to check first for a possible approaching motorcycle.

An accident wherein a motorcycle crashes into a solid fixture is categorized as a single vehicle accident. An accident wherein another vehicle is involved, however, is categorized as a multiple-vehicle accident and the most deadly of this type of motorcycle accident is head-on collision.

Head-on collision actually accounts for more than 70% of fatal motorcycle accidents. Non-fatal head-on collisions, on the other hand, usually result to severe injuries, many of which lead to amputated limbs, spinal cord injury, head and neck injury, or disfigurement. These injuries, as mentioned in the website of the Hankey Law Office, means higher medical bills, a longer recovery period, which makes it important for riders to seek legal assistance immediately after an accident to decide on the possible legal action he or she should take.

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